Luna Tour April 2015 The Luna Tour is over now. It was such a beautiful and enchanted celebration that is difficult to express with words. Therefore here a few fotos. Again a huge thank you to our amazing crew, to everybody who was involved in this tour and to our amazing audience. Because of the big success and because it simply was that nice, there will be a very few and very last Luna concerts in October 2015. In a couple of days we will release the informations about them.
(Pic by Kees Stravers)

CD Luna for Echo 2015 Just a couple of days ago so many people crossed their fingers for our participation at the Eurovision Song contest preshow, and now comes the next event. We are nominated for the biggest German music award the "Echo" in the category "Rock/Pop Band national". We think we won't have a big chance against German music giants like "die Fantastischen Vier", but still we are honoured to be nominated with such a personal and mystic CD like "LUNA". 
Therefore, a big thank you to everybody who participated in "LUNA" and to the people, fans and friends, who stayed by our side for all those years.
On 26th of March we will be in Berlin for the awards. You can follow the show live on German TV at ARD 8:15 pm.
Yours FAUN

Luna Tour March 2015 The first part of our LUNA TOUR is over and things couldn't have been better.
A big thank you, to everybody who was involved in this amazing journey.
Here are some fotos of our concerts.
We do already look forward to the second part of our LUNA tour in April !!!

Concert stage 2015

Thank you very much!!!
Although we organized and rehearsed for many months, we never knew how everything will work out in the end. We would have never guessed that everything would work out that well. Therefore a big THANK-YOU to the best crew in the world, to everybody who helped us realize this tour and to the enthusiastic audience. The first two sold out shows were amazing and maybe the most important part in this might be the absolutely euphoric atmosphere in the venues.
Dear Faun audience, you are the best!!!
Today we will rest a day and than our tour will continue to Bamberg, Würzburg, Bielefeld, Hannover and many other cities. Looking forward very keenly, yours FAUN.

Eurovision ARD
The German Eurovision Song Contest is over, we didn't win but we were in a very good mood. It was an exciting and surreal evening, which was a lot of fun.
We are happy to experience such a lot of support by our fans, families, by other bands of our scene and many old friends.
Therefore a very BIG THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!
It was a pleasure to share the stage with so many gifted and friendly colleagues.
Now we are already in Kiel. Tonight is the first concert of our LUNA TOUR. The first two shows are already sold out.
Again, thank you, yours FAUN.

PRESHOW 5th Mar. 2015, 8.15pm on ARD (German TV)
Eurovision poster
We will participate in this huge TV event, that decides, which band is going to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Germany has such a beautiful heritage of poetry and traditional folk music. From our very early days on, we got a huge part of our inspiration from this cultural heritage. Therefore we believe, that we would be a good choice to represent Germany at the ESC.
We will participate with our two songs "Hörst du die Trommeln" and "Abschied". Right now we build a big wooden stage decoration ourselves. We rearranged the two songs, rehearse a lot and are pretty nervous about this big TV event with more than 5 Million viewers. We also know, that this world of glamour and big TV shows will never be our home and that we would feel much more comfortable at a medieval market instead. But we believe in what we do. We believe, that we can raise an interest there for myths and fairy tales and that theses myths of mermaids, elves and ghosts that dwell under a full moon do make our world more alive. And only a world that is perceived as alive will get the respect that it deserves to be protected and valued.
So please help us, watch the show and call for us, because the winner will be selected by telephone votings.
This might be a very big opportunity for us and for sure another crazy adventure on this marvelous journey.
Yours FAUN.

FAUN LUNA - Live & Acoustic in Berlin (release: 27.2.2015)
Luna Berlin picLuna Acoustic Berlin pic
While rehearsing our LUNA TOUR last November we discovered that some of the LUNA songs sound fantastic as a stripped down acoustic version. We simply wanted to record them and thus organized a small acoustic concert in Berlin last December 2014, where we positioned a lot of microphones. 

On the 27th February 2015 we will release this recorded session as "FAUN LUNA - live & acoustic in Berlin". We decided to do this as a double CD including the Standard edition of LUNA, because LUNA has a lot of meaning and depth for us, including the artwork, the explanation texts and the wholeness of the songs. To only release a few of these songs separated from the rest would not have felt right for us. But we will release this double CD in a noble digipack, only 1,- Euro more expensive than the regular price for a single CD in a plastic jewel case. On the bonus CD are 7 Acoustic songs from the Berlin session, the 2 songs that we re-recorded and rearranged for the Eurovision song contest and one remix of Walpurgisnacht by the genious Christopher Juul (Euzen, Valravn).

We are already looking forward to this acoustic gem and wish you lovely moonlit nights with it, yours FAUN.