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Classical education on piano, flute and guitar, studied in the arts of old oriental music therapy (University of Istanbul/Munich).
Trained in the arts of oriental music and performance practices. Worked as studio musician in the area of world music.

Vocals, bagpipes, dombra, rebab, oud, flutes, chalmeux, pommer & various rhythm instruments.


1. What makes you happy?
The truth or a good riddle.

2. What makes you unhappy?
Not following my impulses.

3. What is your zodiac sign/ ascendant?
Aries/ ascendant Leo.

4. What was the first CD/LP you bought?
Leonhard Cohen – New skin for the old ceremony.

5. Which was the first concert you visited?
8/15, a small punk band, for which I had to bunk through the window at age thirteen.

6. What inspired you musically?
Being in love, glasses on the clothesline, ice crackling in hot water, many a deep well and the echo within, the experience of devotion.

7. Who were the heroes of your childhood?
My dad, The Brothers Lionheart, The Little Vampire, Ronia, the Robber's Daughter.

8. What were your earlier bands/projects called?
Band who knew too much, magic of nature.

9. Which was your best Faun-Concert up till now?
To choose the nicest concert, out of many hundred concerts is pretty hard. But a wonderfull concert was Selb / Festival Mediaval 2010 for sure

10. Which Faun song is your favorite?
Hymn to Pan

11. Which book moved you?
Oh, so many, at the moment "Schwanenchronik".

12. Which CDs did influence you?
Gjallarhorn/Sjöfn, Jonas Simonson/Cranedance, Oruc Güvenc/Ocean of Remembrance, Talvin Singh/ OK, Zap Mama/Amazone

13. Which movie moved you last?
Somehow & Because’

14. Which actor/actress makes you weak in the knees?
Javier Bardem - maybe.

15. Which mythological figure would you chose to be?
Sjöfn, she is the LOVE goddess of Norse myth. Her main role is to get men and women to fall in love and be in love. To fulfil her role she uses many different methods, one is a magical brew she serves her many guests. Another one is to sing with her seductive and enchanting voice. It is said that her voice has magical qualities and it can make people forget the reasons for entering her pleasure dome.
To forget their anger, sorrow, wounds and hatred. To forget the fear that there is not enough love for all. Some say that when they hear her voice that they feel like they are engulved in a cloud of joy that is impossible to resist. Their hearts full of love, free from fear. Her appearance is smooth like an otter and her eyes shift colors.

16. What is your favorite food?
Chinese food.

17. What would you be doing, if you weren’t a musician?

18. Where do you see yourself at the age of 60?
Time in the linear structure, as we know it, will cease to exist in a couple of years. Therefore the question is irrelevant.

19. Which band or which artist would you like to work with?

20. What would you like to give to your listeners?
A bowl of cherries.


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