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FAUN is one of the world's leading bands in the fusion of old sounds, medieval, celtic and nordic folk with modern music and have now released 9 studio CDs and 2 DVDs. FAUN were nominated three times for the "Echo", (Germany's largest music award). Their CD "Von den Elben" has reached platinum status and was four weeks at number 7 in the German album charts.  The CD "LUNA" reached number 4 on the German album charts and held a gold status. FAUN's latest release "MIDGARD" manageded the German album charts at number 3. FAUN has played so far more than 900 concerts around the world and is touring with different shows, like e.g. seated concerts for theaters and classical venues, (FAUN ACOUSTIC) but also with a powerful festival set, with big drums and a mesmerizing light show for big festivals and events.

"Zaubersprüche" (Incantations) - 2002 (not sold anymore)
"Licht" (Light) - 2004
"Renaissance" - 2005
"Totem" - 2007
"FAUN & the pagan folk festival - LIVE" – 2008
"Buch der Balladen" (book of ballads) (acoustic CD) – 2009
"Eden“ - 2011
"Von den Elben" - 2012
"Luna" - 2014
"Midgard" - 2016

"Lichtbilder" (Light pictures) - 2004 (not sold anymore)
"Ornament" - 2007 (not sold anymore)

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