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Joined FAUN since 2013 -

Katja's early artistic experiences came from her family whom have been active for generations in the theater in the field of stage design, painting, sculpture as well as costume presentation.
Since the beginning of school, she sang in the school choir and began in high school her classical basic training.
Their first CD was the music of Hildegard von Bingen and thus began her love for medieval music.
On her travels in India, she learned classical Indian Raga singing and made many musical experiences.
They traveled to Hawaii, Southern and Eastern Europe and was very enthusiastic about the diversity of traditional music.
After her travels, she moved to Berlin and together with Erik Manouz and other friends founded the music and artistry theater group "Laiquendi".
They toured 7 years together with the group's music and theater productions through Germany, France and the Czech Republic.
After the group disbanded, she and Erik Manouz forms the Balkan folk band "Savica" and recorded an album.
She then continued her singing education with teachers such as Katharina Felice, Angela Wingerath, Maria Jonas (Hildegard specialist), Beata Palya (Eastern European and Gipsy music / Hungary) and Andreas Thalarowsky.
Besides the above, she'd also done training in therapeutic voice training. She is also an approved medical practitioner specializing in herbal medicine.

Instrument: Vocals & Framedrums


1. What makes you happy?
Many things make me happy, a lovely smile, music, colors, nature, my family and friends, dreaming .....

2. What makes you unhappy?
Oppression in any form.

3. What is your zodiac sign / ascendant?
Taurus / ascendant Libra.

4. What was the first CD/LP you bought?
"The Vision" Hildegard v. Bingen / Ethno CD

5. Which was the first concert you visited?
A local festival with alternative bands in the market place in my hometown.
At that time our boys were wearing long disheveled hair and their grandma's sweaters! Very sexy ... lol ....

6. What inspired you musically?
My family, friends, teachers, colleagues, traveling, driving and swimming in the sea ....

7. Who were the heroes of your childhood?
My grandparents and Lumpi.

8. What were your earlier bands/projects called?
Sharena Banda: German / Czech project with Radek Seidel (Gothardt) / Igor Angelov and Erik Manouz (Felix Meier band)
Laiquendi: Music and Theater Circus productions
Savica: current Balkan folk project

9. Which was your best Faun-Concert up till now?
Feengrotten 2014

10. Which Faun song is your favorite?

11. Which book moved you?
Examples: Herman Hesse "Demian", Magaret Attwood "Der lange Traum", Tschingis Aitmatow "Die Richtstadt" and.. and.. and...

12. Which CDs did influence you?
Kate Bush "Whole Story", Loreena Mc Kennitt "Mask and Mirror", Justin Sullivan "Navigation by the Stars" and.. and.. and ... lol ..

13. Which movie moved you last?
The wonderful film "Sein oder Nicht sein

14. Which actor/actress makes you weak in the knees?
..... that remains a mystery ... wink!!!

15. Which mythological figure would you chose to be?
I like unicorns!

16. What is your favorite food?
Lemon tarts

17. What would you be doing, if you weren’t a musician?
Painting, sewing, handicrafting while singing!
Professionally, I would work as a healer / herbal medicine and vocal training.
I like working in various fields, in conjunction with expression.

18. Where do you see yourself at the age of 60?
I'd rather leave that to surprise

19. Which band or which artist would you like to work with?
Too many, impossible to count

20. What would you like to give to your listeners?
Have fun at our concerts and glitters are good ... wink ...


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