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Music editor for radio M94.5, resident DJ for "Ultraschall", Munich. Active in the field of theater & filmmusic. Longtime working on unaccountable projects in electronic music. Curator for the festival "digital analog", Munich 2002.

Computer, sampler and synthesizer


1. What makes you happy?
Seeing happy people, making people love (and vice versa), Other Worlds, seeking after sounds and frequencies, friends, moments in which I recognize the harmonious great whole (rare), coffee.

2. What makes you unhappy?
Okay, I could say injustice, jealousy and arrogance in the world, things we should summon everyone to do something against, demonstrating on the streets, preserving our environment, showing responsibility for our actions and such … but what did you say, there’s no coffee here? *%&$§!

3. What is your zodiac sign/ ascendant?
Cancer/ ascendant Sagittarius.

4. What was the first CD/LP you bought?
Here’s a compromise of the inner dialog, what I could answer to this question:
First tape: Public Enemy "Fear of a Black Planet" 
First CD: Front 242 "Up Evil"
First vinyl: Jesus Jones "Zeroes and ones" at the Aphex Twin/Prodigy Remix

5. Which was the first concert you visited?
A mixed concert at the circus krone in Munich with the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and 25th of May. It was very loud.

6. What inspired you musically?
Forests, (industrial and historical) ruins, techno clubs, records from "music from electricity” Rephlex and Warp, foehn at the border of the alps in January, evening atmosphere on the grounds of Domagk, the Thyssenkrupp factory on the frankfurter ring, India, riding the train, Goethe, Lenz and Volker, and a lot of indescribable emotions, which sometimes look like the tiny spot of color on the right of this computer...

7. Who were the heroes of your childhood?
Captain Future, Captain Kirk, Captain Picard (cross off Captain Jack again)

8. What were your earlier bands/projects called?
Kenzo Gasain (still exists), Un'sync (still exists), the Montessori Boys (doesn’t exist any more)

9. Which was your best Faun-Concert up till now?
There are plenty in tie for the first place, but every evening concert in a pagan village was a great experience. For more information see question 18.

10. Which Faun song is your favorite?
Königin (Queen) … or Rhianonn?

11. Which book moved you?
Actually it was I moving the book in 2005! I had to tidy up!

12. Which CD influence you?
Boards of Canada "The Campfire Headphase", Nine Inch Nails "With Teeth", Add N to X "Loud Like Nature", Kenzo Gasain "Brecht it again, Lenz", Barbara Fertig "Einfach sein" (Simply Being), M.A Numinem "Daga Daga".

13. Which movie moved you last?
Gandhi III "Jetzt noch friedlicher" (even more peaceful)

14. Which actor/actress makes you weak in the knees?
Heiter Launerbach (because of his name, but I’m afraid it only makes sense in German!)

15. Which mythological figure would you chose to be?
Ganesha! I like elephants! Great Animals! Now where’s my coffee?

16. What is your favorite food?
Indian, very spicy. And Italian even not spicy, but with lots of cheese.

17. What would you be doing, if you weren’t a musician?
I‘d be the manager of the Bavarian broadcasting network, of course!

18. Where do you see yourself at the age of 60?
In 60 years I see myself at a concert in Spectaculum Mundi of a Faun backward cover band called "Nuaf”, which came into existence after the success of the third Faun movie. My new job as manager of the Bavarian broadcasting network is straining my artificial kidney and I’m already thinking of quitting. Should I have stayed in the Pyrenees as a hermit, where I fled ten years ago after the flop of Ollie’s and my band "Faul” and the soft rhythmical, but unsuccessful project "Flaum” (fluff) with Rüdi? Beautiful nature, but no one took me seriously as a hermit with laptop (besides no one being there …)! And Lisa and Fiona simply were more successful with "Fraun” (women). Hence we couldn’t resist. We rejoined and are now going on our "Artificial Lungs But Still No Playback"-Tour with the Stones and Omnia. It’s going to be great. But Jesus was resurrected yesterday and immediately converted to Buddhism. That was funny! Hahaha!

19. Which band or which artist would you like to work with?
Trent Reznor would be very interesting, Ernst Horn also und Aphex Twin even better.

20. What would you like to give to your listeners?
I want to open doors to other worlds and be a good traveling companion while I’m at it. Please fasten your seatbelt!


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