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On this amplified, evening stage concert program, the musicians will lead the audience on a musical journey into an ancient world.
The tones of medieval melodies, celtic and nordic folk drift above archaic landscapes. Large japanese taiko drums and electronical rhythms will meet early medieval incantations. Bagpipes, celtic harp, hurdy-gurdy, lute and old nordic fiddle will fuse together. Above this there will be up to three layered vocals in many languages like for example old Islandic, Sephardic, Spanish, English and Old German.

Together with there own special adjusted light show, an atmosphere will be created, where the mystic and forces of medieval music can conjure.

Oliver s. Tyr: Vocals, Bouzouki, Nyckelharpa
Fiona Rüggeberg: Vocals, Flutes, bagpipes, Seljefloit, Fujara
Laura Fella: Vocals, Percussion, Mandola
Stephan Groth: Hurdy-gurdy, Cittern, Vocals
Rüdiger Maul: Percussion & Drums
Niel Mitra: Beats, Sampler & Synthesizer

Photo: Sarah Fleischer

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