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Though not a musician with Faun, enchanting all the same as graphic and web designer.

Born and bred in Singapore, came to live first time in Germany in 1996...
still here..

Anything and everything write to:



1. What makes you happy?
Freedom.. like nothing can be wrong..

2. What makes you unhappy?
No time to smoke.. like no time to think..

3. What is your zodiac sign/ ascendant?
Virgo / ??
in the chinese zodiac I'm a dog, a nocturnal one.

4. What was the first CD/LP you bought?
Can't remember exactly but I think it's Led Zeppelin II & Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers"..

5. Which was the first concert you visited?
Local rock concert in Singapore with local rock bands covering hot rock bands of the 70s like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple..etc..
They were pretty good..!!

6. What inspired you musically?
Sounds and love..
Especially the acoustic sounds and the unconditional love..

7. Who were the heroes of your childhood?
Superman always amaze me..

8. Do you play in a band yourself/have you played in a band/ what is it called?
I was much jamming around in the music scene in Singapore before coming to Germany.

9. Which were the best bands you mixed?

10. Which were the most bizarre bands you mixed?

11. Which was your best Faun-Concert up till now?
Backstage 2005 and Poing concert 2006

12. Which CD influence you?
wow.. plenty.. to name a few, RadioHead, Travis, Train, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band and FAUN "Renaissance"..

13. What would you be doing, if you weren’t in the music business?
Not possible..

14. Where do you see yourself at the age of 60?
Probably living in the country side, playing and crooning for the old folks in the local pub..

15. Which band or which artist would you like to work with?
FAUN for the web and possibly the john butler trio for the jam.


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